1. Yes in Macedonia teenagers of different subcultures get along with each other, they aren’t racists at all, and yes they do date each other, but marriages are very rare.
2. No in Macedonia people don’t accept homosexuality or same-sex marriage it is still a taboo theme.
3. Macedonia has a big traditional culture, especially the traditional food, but lately people start slowly loosing their tradition, for example they don’t wear traditional clothes at weddings anymore, they don’t eat only traditional homemade food.
4. Schools in Macedonia are separated according to language, for example Albanian students learn in Albanian language, Turkish students learn in Turkish language and Macedonian students learn in Macedonian language.
5. There are a lot of media in Macedonia, but none of them discriminates other ethnic, they all try to be democratic and liberal and to be equal about reporting news for each ethnic.
6. In Macedonia the Macedonian ethnic is more populated, so normally it cant be equal but they are trying to give the same rights to other ethnicities as well, but it isn’t so equal yet.
7. In Macedonia stereotype does exist along different ethnicity, mostly Albanians and Macedonians each other, the problem of this is the war we had between two ethnics, but the good fact is that lately the stereotype is lower.
8. The economy of Macedonia is in low level, so population of Macedonia face with a lot of problems every day, but the problems which appear the most are the unemployment and poorness.


1. Stereotypes, unfortunately exist across the world, and we cant hide it, the only way we should fight it is to have bigger communicate each other with different ethnics or different skin colors, because you cant judge a book by his cover.

What would you do if you live in a multicultural country? Would you have had only friends with same ethnic as yours? Well I live in multicultural country and I see that some of my friends that are in my age have some stereotype thoughts.

Most recent stereotypes that the Albanian teenagers have about Macedonian teenagers are that they think that all Macedonian teenagers are thrift and they don’t spend money for their own life, they don’t have enough fun with their friends during the week and they save every single coin.
And the stereotypes that Macedonian teenagers have for Albanian teenagers are that they always think that Albanian teenagers are uneducated children.

But stereotypes can be positive sometimes, like when we say all Albanians are hospitable, or all Macedonians have talents for basketball.

In my opinion being a stereotype isn’t right at all, because isn’t logistic at all one ethnic to have same thoughts.

I think once for ever people in the world should stop and think a little, because being stereotype brings you only problems with people around you, firstly have conversation with one person, then judge him.