1. Yes, of course because there are no special places where different cultures live. We all live in the same place and we must get along with each other. I have a lot of other cultures friends but i cant go out for coffee because i have my own friends, but some of albanians they go to macedonian cofees and thats ok, but macedonias they have never gone to albanian coffees. People with different culture they can date each other, even that it happens rare but here are some couples. But about marriage thats a hard thing, that happens rare too.
2. No here in Macedonia that’s not normal because we haven’t seen yet couples from the same-sex. And we can’t accept it because it seems funny to us. But some people, a little number of people do accept. but they dont want to show it, because it looks not normal. All of them are Macedonian.
3. Well the traditional culture for old people who lives in Macedonia is very important because they don’t want to lose their traditions like their food or clothes or wedding traditions, but young people mostly want to live their new life, like in the other cities or countries. We have some traditionals that we celebrate every year. for example for muslims Eid is a very immportant traditional holiday, as well as Ramadan is. Than Christians have their own holidays that are immportant for them, and they celebrate them.
4. Here are a lot of schools and they are not separated, we all learn in the same school. But some school that are little they can’t go in the same time it depends on language not in the religion. But there are some schools for Muslim religion that is seperated for girls and boys.
5. In Macedonia there are a lot of Media and there are no discriminations on the ethnic groups. But we have seperated medias. For example we have Macedonian, Albanian and Turkish media.
6. In Macedonia the Macedonian ethic are more powerful just because the name of country. But in the government they try to give the same right to other ethnics just because the number of people from the other ethnics.
7. The stereotypes for some people in Macedonia are understandable but it’s not so populated.
8.In Macedonia there are a lot of poor people walking on the roads with their children wondering where to find money and that’s scary because the number of poor people is big and I wonder who are they, do they have place where to sleep?