1. Do teenagers of different subcultures get along with each other, what about intercultural dating and marriage?
2. Do different ethnicities/religions accept homosexuality and for instance same-sex marriage?
3. What is traditional culture in Macedonia/the Netherlands?
4. What kind of schools are there for your level, are they separated according to religion and or ethnicity?

1. I think the teenagers of different subcultures sometimes get along. I think getting along with people of other subcultures is good. I accept this because I have a lot of friends of different subcultures. I’m against, intercultural dating and marriage, because of the4 differences in their lives, the different holidays, different celebration of the holidays, different lifestyles.

2. Same-sex marriages aren't accepted by law. For me same-sex mariage is not normal and I don't accept that. If I met same-sex couple it would be strange for me because I'm not used to seeing them here.

In Macedonia there are a lot of traditions. First we have traditional food for example: beans, cabbage rolls, staffed peppers baked peppers many kinds of pasta, noodles and bread. Mostly, women cook meals for their families, evevry day .Fortunately things are changing for better. Second some holidays are traditionally celebrated. The most popular tradition is celebrating Galicka Svadba. It is a traditional wedding, when the young couple wears very old traditional clothes, and ride horses. Visitors from all over the country travel to Galicnik to see the old customs, take pictures and have some fresh air in the mountains, during the month of August.This tradition is maintained every year in an old village Galicnik, near the national park Mavrovo.

4. Here in Macedonia there are many kind of schools for my level. I study medicine school for dentist in Tetovo near, Gostivat. In my school there are a lot of students from different different ethnicities. Each ethnic group studies in their mother language, so the students are devided according to ethnicity and mother language. Depending on the number of students and clasess they are divided in different shifts.
I’m a boy ( Bobi writing). My first name is Bobi and my last name is Ilieski, and my user name is Bobiil and I studied medical school with Hristina, Hristina and Renata. This means that four of the students in the project studied medicine. The 4 of us are 18 years old and we want to learn more English to pass the final school exams and to go to study dentistry at the university. Students can choose either English or Mathematics. Like in the Netherlands, here at the age of 18, students graduate from high school and then they either go to university or look for a job.
The different ethnic groups learn in their own languages, which means the students are not in the same classes and are separated. The Roma people and the Macedonian Muslims’ and the ethnic Macedonians are in the same classes. That’s how these students become friends. The Albanian and the Turkish students have an additional subject at schools. They learn Macedonian language at school, and that’s how we can communicate. However, outside the schools in the neighborhoods, children play together and get to know to one another.
That is all.