1. Do teenagers of different subcultures get along with each other, what about intercultural dating and marriage?
Yes they get along with eachother, dating is possible and marriage also. But there are some subcultures that won't get along with other subcultures.

2. Do different ethnicities/religions accept homosexuality and for instance same-sex marriage?
Most people do accept homosexualitiy but some strict religious people don't. The Netherlands were the first country that accepted same-sex marriage.

3. What is traditional culture in Macedonia/the Netherlands?
Most people think: wooden shoes, tulips, marihuana and prostitutes( the red light district). But most people are not like that. We don't wear wooden shoes and most of us don't use marihuana, most people have dinner at 6, we travel a lot by bike. There is no common religion, but we have a christian foundation you can see that in our holidays.

4. What kind of schools are there for your level, are they separated according to religion and or ethnicity?
There are special religious schools and public schools. We do got some "black schools" but officialy these are public schools. A black is a school with more black people than white people. And mostly their are situated in poorest neighbourhoods.
We have a primairy school you start when youre 5 and you finish when youre 12. After that there is "vmbo ( lowest level, 4 years)", "havo( 5 years)" and "vwo/ gymnasium ( highest level, 6 years)" And after that you start working or study

5. What ethnic groups are mostly in the media in a negative way and why?
People from Turkey and Morocco, because they have a different culture. They can't take the resposibilty of the freedom they have here. And there are a lot of prejudices about them that works against them. For example: they can't get a good job.

6. Are the different ethnic groups represented equally in government on the several levels?
All people with a Dutch pasport are seen as Dutch people though one of the biggest polical group is christian and for example there is no big muslim group.

7. What stereotypes do people hold about eachother?
We have a lot of stereotypes, for example blond people are dumb just like Belgium people, people from Marocco are criminal, people that wear lonsdale are skinheads, all gothics are depressed. This is not our opinion.

8. What issues do different groups of people face everyday? (example: lower class, unemployed...etc)
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