1. I think that subcultures get along fine. A Turkish boy and an Albanian girl were dating. They got married and now they have one child. Dating and marriages of different ethnicities but same religion are well accepted, but not dating or a marriage between the different religion groups.
2. I think homosexuality is a bad thing, although some countries accept it. In my country we don't do that because we don't like it.
3. People here eat a lot of bread, drink brandy, wine and drink traditional coffee. In summer when the weather is very hot, people usually bake peppers, make salads with cheese. The mountain cheese is very tasty and of high quality. Traditional clothes are hand made, and they are very expensive. Women made them in the past.
4. Turkish, Albanian, Roma and Macedonian students share the same schools. Macedonians and the Turkish students study in the same shift because they are little in numbers and the Albanian students go in another.
5. Media negatively present the position or opposition ethnic political parties. There is not one ethnic group negatively represented in the media.
6. The different ethnic groups are represented equally in government on the several levels. The dominant ethnic group is Macedonians 70%, Albanians 27% and 3% others.
7. Stereotypes among the Albanian, Turkish, Macedonian, and Roma. Albanian people drive expensive cars, but Roma people are singers, Macedonian are educated, Turkish women make original Turkish wear.
8. The poor and the unemployed share many problems. They don’t have money, because they don’t have any jobs. Others who have jobs have problems with paying the bills for electricity, food, water and others. On the other side, there are a lot of people who have started small businesses, have returned to the villages where they grow vegetables, look after cattle and produce food for themselves and others.