1. Usually we can all get along with each other. Of course there are some groups that do not like to get involved with other cultures. Most of the time that group is a minority. For the Dutch culture it is no problem to get married with someone of another culture.
2. We accept homosexuality and gay marriage, but we have different cultures in Holland and not all the religions accept it (for example the Muslims).
3. Sinterklaas. On the 5th of december we have a holiday, we celebrate the birthday of a Saint with 6 to 8 black men. All the little kids get presents when they were good all year. If they were naughty they will be taken to Spain (where Sinterklaas lives). This is what parents tell their childeren. When we get older, we celebrate it with little presents for each other or do not celebrate it at all.
It is not the same as Santa Claus.
4. We go to a school for kids with a higher level, but we have mixed schools as well. We also have schools for Christians, but everyone is welcome. The Muslims have some schools for their own, but not that much.
5. Mostly the Moroccans and the Turkish people, because we have a lot of immigrants of them with no education. They get extra attention in the news when they get involved to something, because we already have blamed them for a lot of our problems. We have had some people in the government who were against immigrants.
6. Usualy they are, because we have immigrants in the governments. But as we said before, we have some people that are against immigrants.
7. The less smart people are usualy the wannabe gangsters. And the smarter ones are nerds. People from Surinam are lazy, Muslims are criminals, Dutch people are gready, Belgian people are dumb, gay men are like women and so on.
8. Because a lot of immigrants do not have had an acceptional education they are unemployed and belong to the lower class. And because of the prejudices some employers do not want to hire immigrants.