1. Do teenagers of different subcultures get along with each other, what about intercultural dating and marriage?

2. Do different ethnicities/religions accept homosexuality and for instance same-sex marriage?

3. What is traditional culture in the Netherlands?

4. What kind of schools are there for your level, are they separated according to religion and or ethnicity?

5. What ethnic groups are mostly in the media in a negative way and why?

6. Are the different ethnic groups represented equally in government on the several levels?

7. What stereotypes do people hold about each other?

8. What issues do different groups of people face everyday? (example: lower class, unemployed...etc)

Answering questions

1. Do teenagers of different subcultures get along with each other, what about intercultural dating and marriage?
-In the past (in Yugoslavia ) there were a lot of couples that were not from the same subculture, but now I think there aren’t anymore or better saying there is a little percent of them. In my city I know just one old couple that are from different subcultures and they live together.I don’t think in my country there are intercultural dating and marriages.

2. Do different ethnicities/religions accept homosexuality and for instance same-sex marriage?
-In Macedonia I think that people are a little bit
different from European countries (Netherland) . All Ethnicities and Religions here do not accept homosexuality and it’s not allowed same-sex marriage.
3. What is traditional culture in Macedonia/the Netherlands?
-Macedonia is a multicultural country. In Macedonia
live: Macedonians,Albanians,Turkish etc.All of them have their own tradition and culture and respect it.I am Macedonian so i could say about macedonian tradition. We have own traditonal speciallities that we cook like: tavce-gravce, peppers, sarma, pasta etc. We have traditional clothes from the past using them on the holidays too just to show to the people our national tradition, traditional ways of dancing etc.

4. We dont have education separated on a different levels, our schools are from first grade to ninth, and after that there are four years high schools. Some of the schools that are located in a ethnic Albanian villages does have only albanian students. But schools are not separated according to the ethicity or religion. In a same school use to study Macedonians, albanians and turkish students.But, they use to visit their lessons in a different time,because their education is on their ethnic language.They all study in a same school but are separated according to their mother tongue or ethicity. On example Macedonians are going to school in morning, and albanians in the afternoon.

5. I dont know excatly what should i answer about this question but i will try to explain some things. I think that this usually happens in the politics. Different ethnic political groups are trying to represent the other groups in a negative way because they are rivals. They think that if they attack their rival in that way they can change public meaning.There are also some media that belong to a different political groups, so they also do represent their rivals in a negative way most of the time.

6. Yes, they are.

7. Stereotypes exist. That’s a fact. We can only break them down if we speak about it.
Macedonia is a multicultural country. In 2001 in Macedonia there was a war between Albanians and Macedonians. The war left back a lot of
fallouts. Nowadays there are a lot of stereotypes. Most of them are Macedonians and Albanians. I will write a true story about stereotypes in my city .
In my school there are albanians , macedonains and turkish. One day I and my school friends were outside ,in the school park. There were a lot of students. Unfortunately the Albanian and Macedonian students start fighting .In that moment I didn’t knew the reason why they are fighting. We
went near them but we couldn’t break-up them. So we decided to call the police ,because they were a lot of students included there .

8. There are poor people over here and they face to the poverty and all other problems that poverty brings. There are lot of people that are unemployed here too,and their standars of living is very bad. But also those people get some money from the government until they find jobs.

How I said here in Macedonia live Macedonain,Albanians,Turkish etc.
Macedonia is a multicultural country. Every culture have their own special holidays and traditional clothing. I will try To tell you some of them.
The Macedonians they have their special holidays like : 1.the day of the independence of Macedonia-this is the day when Macedonia won the independence and break off from Yugoslavia , and its on 08.09.1991 . I don’t know or better saying I can’t remember now because the law changed them this year we had 20 holidays per year now we have 40 holidays.
The Albanians celebrate a lot of holidays .The most interesting of all is the religious holiday Ramadan This holiday is celebrated by all the Muslims in the world . We celebrate it for one month .This month while we are celebrating Ramadan we get-up every night on 3-4 o’clock. After we get-up we eat food and then after that we go to sleep again. Then next day we don’t eat all the day until evening. This holiday teaches people many things like: being generous and nice to people in need, help the poor and the sick, understand the poor, and many other things.