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1. Do teenagers of different subcultures get along with each other, what about intercultural dating and marriage?

I have lived in several multicultural countries, where I have seen different subcultures get along with each other. I have lived in Bosnia and Herzegovina for example. There was a long cold war between the Bosnian Muslims, the Bosnian Orthodox and the Bosnian Christian. The war lasted for five Years a lot of people died and got hurt from one and other. Today after all those tragedies the people are living together again, some of them got married, they are dating they became best friends again. I think that it is not a problem to live together with different cultures. I mean we are all humans we have a heart and we know how to accept other cultures and religions. Some people have some problems to understand that but we have to work with them and to talk to them more. We have to learn how to love and to respect each other no matter what skin color, habits, religion, culture we have.

2. What is traditional culture in Macedonia/the Netherlands?
Macedonia is a multi cultural country a lot of cultures and traditions are getting together here. We are still following some of them. But are we really keeping the traditions alive or are we changing them completely? From generation to generation the traditions are changing. I think that we are mixing them to much up. Once I have asked about the way of getting married here. I have asked three old women. I got three different answers. How should I know which is the right one? The Albanian population of Macedonia make long traditional weddings. The traditional wedding lasts for 7 days. I would like to describe it to you. But I do not know the real version of it. I will ask some other women and than I will give you the right description of it.

3. Do different ethnicities/religions accept homosexuality and for instance same-sex marriage?
This is a good question and it came at the right time. One hundred years ago this was a forbidden question. People who felt in love on got attracted to the same sex were ashamed and embarrassed. Now days it is not a thing for being ashamed. But still it depends from the countries liberalism. We have still some problems here in Macedonia to accept homosexuality. I think that it is not a crime to be together with a person which has the same sex. It is not the person’s fold to feel a forbidden attraction. That is something which is inside of us, we can’t never explain or understand it. The soul is free to choose and to decide with whom it is feeling free.

4. What kind of schools are there for your level, are they separated according to religion and or ethnicity?
The Macedonian school system changed from this year. Our primary school lasts now for 9 years it lasted for 8. The high school lasts for 4 years. The students are starting with the school with the age of six years. Since Macedonia is a country with two official languages ( Albanian and Macedonian). The students are separated in two. The Albanian students are not learning together with the Macedonian. This is because the material is on their mother language. The Macedonian students learn also the Albanian language at school, they have a subject. The same case it with the Albanian students. They are using the same school but one ethnicity is in the morning and the other is afternoon. They are living in peace, we are understanding and learning from each other.

5. What ethnic groups are mostly in the media in a negative way and why?
We have everyday problems in our everyday life. There are a lot of negative things that we do. It is not normal to act like that and it is embarrassed to read and to hear all the negative things for the Balkan people. When I was in Switzerland for a month and I bought everyday a newspaper. Every day the same, Balkan people make problems, Balkan people this and that, just Balkan people. I am against that. I mean we all make troubles in some way, but I think that the European civilization got used to it that the Balkan people make the troubles, the newspaper never mentioned their own troublemaker. This is because the media works for some political parties.

6. Are the different ethnic groups represented equally in government on the several levels?
Not yet.

7. What stereotypes do people hold about each other?
Unfortunately, many. I don’ t want to mention any Names.

8. What issues do different groups of people face everyday? (example: lower class, unemployed...etc)
Macedonia is a beautiful Land with a lot of potential, but it is sad that Macedonia is a poor land. The number of unemployment is 46%, that is to much. The government is paying some money to the unemployed people but that is not enough, the people can’t do anything with that money. It is sad that we have a lot of people which are clever and have some great ideas, a lot of potential but they have no way to share those potential or ideas with other people, and why is that? It is because we have no donations, in fact we have but the government is taking it away from us.