- Topics multicultural society, status: suggestion
1. Do teenagers of different subcultures get along with eachother, what about intercultural dating and marriage?
2. Do different ethnicities/religions accept homosexuality and for instance same-sex marriage?
3. What is traditional culture in Macedonia/the Netherlands?
4. What kind of schools are there for your level, are they separated according to religion and or ethnicity?
5. What ethnic groups are mostly in the media in a negative way and why?
6. Are the different ethnic groups represented equally in government on the several levels?
7. What stereotypes do people hold about eachother?
8. What issues do different groups of people face everyday? (example: lower class, unemployed...etc)

format: bring, receive, question, compare and contrast

1. Each country-team deals with each question regarding its own country, this is shared with the teammembers of the other country.

2. Eacht team receives, reads and asks about the input of the foreign teammembers and send additional questions for clarification.
3. Questions are answered. This process can be repeated.
4. Each team writes an essay in which a compare and contrast-process takes place concerning all issues.